Adding Existing Animals Manually

This will be useful to new Farmflo users who do not have access to the AIMs system provided by the Department of Agriculture.

Click on the blue "Add Animal" button to manually add animals that are already in your herd.



A new screen will open up allowing you to insert the details for the animal you wish to add.

 - Animal ID this is the number you know the animal by e.g. freeze brand, last digits of Official Tag Number.

- Official Tag is the number found on the animals ear tag,it's government recognised number.

- DOB is the animals date of birth.

- Age of the animal will be automatically calculated and displayed here.

- Sex select male or female.

- Breed select the breed of the animal from the dropdown list.

- EBI the Economic Breeding Index for dairy cattle can be entered here.

- Lactation enter which lactation the animal is on if it is a dairy cow.

- Dam here you can select from a list of all the female animals in your herd or enter details for the dam from a different herd.

- Sire select from a list of bulls in use or manually enter the sire details.

- Tag ID enter the electronic identification number for the animal.

- TB Test enter the date of the last TB test for the animal.

- Brucellosis Test enter the date of the last Brucellosis test for the animal.

- Date Moved In this will be the date the animal was moved in to your herd, if the animal was born in your herd set this to its date of birth.

- Status set this to 'on-farm' until the animals is moved out of your herd.


Click 'Save' when all details have been entered.

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