Adding a Weighing

Click on the green "Add Weighing" button.



A screen will appear where you can enter the details of the weighing.

WEIGHING DATE enter the date the animals were weighed.

ANIMAL GROUP select the group of animals that were weighed from the dropdown.

Click 'Add Group'.



A list of the animals in the selected group will appear.

OFFICIAL TAG the ear tag numbers of all animals in the selected group will be listed.

PREVIOUS WEIGHT the weight of each animal from the last weighing will appear here.

LATEST WEIGHT enter the weight of each animal on the selected date.

AVG DAILY GAIN the average daily gain for each animal will be automatically calculated after the second weighing has been recorded.

GAIN TO DATE the weight they have put on since the last weigh in.


Once a weight has been entered for every animal in the group click 'Save'.

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