Adding an Animal Treatment

Select 'Treatments' from the Herd drop down menu on the dashboard. This will give you an overview of any recent treatments.

Click on the green 'Add Treatment' button.




A new screen will open up. Information on the treatment will be entered here.

Notes record any additional details here e.g. foot paired.

Treatment Date select the date the treatment was administered.

Milking Period select either morning or evening milking if treating a dairy cow, leave as N/A for other livestock.

Administered By select the user if they have access to your Farmflo or enter the name of a none user manually.

Recurring Treatment select if the animal needs to be treated multiple times with the same product.



Adding a Product(s) to the Treatment

To record the product applied click on the green 'Add Product'.


A table will appear to add details of the product to.

PRODUCT select the product used for this treatment. The list is made up of all medicines that have been previously added to the Inventory.

REASON select from the list of ailments provided in the dropdown.

ADMINISTERED select from the list how the product was administered to the animal.

QUARTER for cows a quarter can be selected if the product was applied to the udder. For any other animals select N/A.

QUANTITY enter the quantity of the product used per animal.

In the last box the unit of measure. This unit will have been selected when the product was added to the Inventory.



Click 'Save Product' when complete.

To add an additional product to this treatment click 'Add Product' again, this will create a second product.



Adding an Animal(s) to the Treatment

Select from the following to assign the treatment to an animal(s).

There are several options when it comes to adding an animal or animals to a treatment.

ADD ANIMAL adds a single animal to the treatment.

ADD GROUP select from groups you have previously created to add the treatment to every animal in that group.

ADD HERD this will add the treatment to every animal in your herd.



Adding an Individual Animal

Click the green 'Add Animal' button.

ANIMAL ID select the ID of the animal you need to add.

OFFICIAL TAG this will automatically fill when the animal ID has been selected.

CODE the breed code will appear here when the animal has been selected.


Click 'Save' when the animal has been selected.

More than one individual animal can be added to the treatment by repeating this process.



Adding a Group of Animals

Click the blue 'Add Group' button.

Select the appropriate group from the dropdown.

Animal information for the selected group will appear below.



Adding Herd

Click the blue 'Add Herd' button.

This will assign your whole herd to the treatment.

There is an option to remove animals from the list after importing it.

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