Adding a Test

Click on the green 'Add Test' button.



A screen will appear to enter details for the test.


TEST TYPE select either TB or Brucellosis from the dropdown.

TEST DATE enter the date of the test.

TESTED BY select the person carrying out the test from you list of contacts by clicking on the search symbol. 



Adding an Animal(s) to the Treatment

Select from the following to assign the treatment to an animal(s).




Adding Individual Animals to Test

Click on the green 'Add Animals' button.

Select the Animal ID for the animal you are testing.

The information on thus animal will appear once Animal ID has been selected.

Click 'Save Animal'.

To add another animal click 'Add Animal' again. 

Click 'Save' to record test.



Adding a Group to a Test

Click on the blue 'Add Group' button.

Select the group from the dropdown that is to be tested. 

The details of all animals in this group will appear.

Click the "trash can" symbol to remove any of the animals from the list (i.e. any animal that wasn't tested).

Click 'Save' to record test.



Adding Whole Herd to Test

Click the blue 'Add Herd' button.

Every animal in your herd will now be listed.

Animals not tested can be removed by clicking on the "trash can" symbol.

Click 'Save' to record test. 

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