Adding a Feed Plan

Click on the green "Add Feed Plan" button



A screen will appear to enter the feed plan details.

START DATE enter the date animals will start the feed plan.

STATUS select open or closed from the dropdown.

FEEDING GROUP select from the list of groups previously created in 'Animals' section.



Click 'Add Group'. Details of animals in the group will appear.



Adding Feed Products

Multiple feed products can be added to a feed plan. 

Ensure that all feed products you want to use have been added to 'Inventory' before creating the feed plan.

Click on 'Add Feed Product'.




Record the details of the feed product.

PRODUCT select the feed product from the dropdown list.

PROTEIN & MEGA JOULES ENERGY will auto-fill when feed is selected.

KG PER HEAD enter the amount of feed fed to each animal in kilograms.

COST/KG will be automatically entered according to the cost entered in the 'Inventory'.

COST/HEAD will be automatically calculated according to the cost entered in the 'Inventory'.

TOTAL KG/FEED will be automatically calculated.



Click 'Save Feed Product' when finished entering product details.

Enter another feed product by clicking on 'Add Product' again.


Click 'Save' at the top of the page to complete the feed plan.

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